Family Portrait

Over the years during the holiday season I’ve donated a portion of the proceeds from my print sales to support organizations that give back to the community. This year I’m thrilled to be able to offer a new series of digital prints, from which a portion of the proceeds will go to support Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in the fight against Ebola. I have spent time painting and traveling in Africa (confession: I did get Dengue fever there) and have seen firsthand the importance of strong health care and infrastructure in regions where it isn’t easily available. Doctors without Borders is critical in delivering medical care, training health staff, providing community support and education in the fight against Ebola.

I have been involved internationally through my work with the U.S. State Department’s Arts in Embassies program for a number of years (my paintings have been on exhibit at the Embassies in Paris, Madrid, Prague and Oslo, and I have given a series of lectures about my work in the context of American painting at a number of them. Last July the U.S. State Department chose my painting ‘Collection’ as the invitation image for every invitation sent out by every U.S. Embassy and Ambassador worldwide for their July 4th event at the Embassy). A group of my smaller paintings were just on exhibit at the U.S. Embassy in Mali through the program so the area has been on my mind as I’ve followed the outbreak. As Time magazine reminds us in naming Ebola Fighters as “Person of the Year,” the impact of a health crisis like this is not confined to the most-affected countries, and this is just one way the arts can provide support to a global issue.

I don’t have the medical training to go overseas but I have been able to raise money through the donation of my prints and artwork. I was thrilled when two of my prints recently realized $65,000 at an auction event in NYC to support Boomer Esaison’s Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. This past summer, having been selected for the cover of Down East Magazine‘s 60th Anniversary Issue along with Alex Katz and William Wegman, I was able to support another cause as the magazine donated $10,000 to the organization of our choice.

I was pleased the the Wall Street Journal art editors included one of my prints in their holiday selection of artists and art, “The WSJ Art Gift Guide” Friday, December 19th. Family Portrait, which was featured in the article is in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum and produced by U.L.A.E., is one of the prints to support Doctors Without Borders.

The other prints in the series for Doctors Without Borders are:
The Collection (below) which was chosen as the 4th of July card invitation image for every invitation sent out by every U.S. Embassy and Ambassador worldwide for their July 4th event at the Embassy (see above).


Fibonacci’s Workshop:


Meeting House:

The prints are produced on acid-free cotton rag paper. Image size is 20×28, paper size 28×36.